Associating copier login with your Naropa ID


  • Take your smartcard to a copier and touch it to the reader (the blue box in the image below):




  • Upon successful read, it will beep and flash a green LED (the Amber LED flashes normally in one second intervals. This is normal).


  • The first time you use the card it will fail to authenticate.  This first failure is normal (it could take up to one minute to fail. Please be patient).  


  • It will then ask you to log in manually using your Naropa credentials.  Once you have logged in, your ID / Smart Card will be associated with your Naropa credentials.


  • Logout manually and then tap the ID card to the blue box again to verify. It should bring you to the printing options menu almost immediately. You can now use your Naropa ID every time you need copier access.


  • Always make sure you logout after using the copier. 


If you have any questions or problems, please don’t hesitate to call Naropa IT’s Helpdesk line, leaving detailed contact information: