Apple Product Support Policy

Modified on Thu, 20 Feb 2020 at 03:49 PM

Naropa IT predominantly supports PCs running Windows 7 or higher. While we advise a PC over a Mac to ensure greater support consistency, we understand that there are some departments that depend on Macs for very specific work.

Prior to purchase, a case must always be made with Naropa IT delineating why a university Mac should be purchased over a PC. Only in exceptional circumstances (such as when the software needed is not available on the PC) will an Apple purchase be permitted.

Departments wishing to utilize Macs must understand that they are solely responsible for purchase costs, as well as all applicable hardware and software costs. This includes the required cost of a minimum 2 year AppleCare agreement and any Mac OS upgrades. Macs are not covered by Naropa IT’s budget nor our 5 year PC replacement policy.

Naropa IT is the sole approver and purchaser for all Naropa computer hardware, Macs included. Naropa University will not accept donated or purchased Macs that have not gone through Naropa IT approval first. Through our Apple rep, we will always try to factor in any available educational discounts into our quotes.

Upon delivery of an ordered Mac from our vendor, Naropa IT will configure it with a local Naropa IT admin account and a Naropa IT specific Apple ID. The computer will be assigned a name that fits within our current designation nomenclature. None of these settings are to be changed by the end user.

Using the Centrify identity management software, Naropa IT will setup Naropa Macs to access our internal network. Access and configuration to our network proper grants the following capabilities to your Mac, which Naropa IT agrees to support:


  • Access to Naropa’s internal wired network (all network management policies will apply)
  • Access to the university’s departmental shared drives
  • Access to the university’s copier fleet
  • Access to our Exchange email system (using only an IT approved copy of Office for Mac)


All other Mac software support remains the responsibility of individual departments (such as storage of media and installation discs, license keys, license association and license de-association, etc.). This includes, but is not limited to: Adobe products, Final Cut Pro and music editing software such as Audacity. Naropa IT offers backup and protection of all data stored on the departmental shared drives (usually the W or Y drives), should a department opt to store their specialized software there.

Macs older than 5 years exist outside of our support scope, as the security risks increase for older models. Macs must be upgraded & maintained by their department. Operating system versions must be kept current (within 2-3 years of the latest OS versions).
As regards Mac hardware, we cannot stress enough the importance of purchasing AppleCare protection policy. AppleCare on your Macs should never be allowed to lapse. Doing so runs the risk of your Mac malfunctioning without recourse. Naropa IT does not have the budget nor parts to repair Macs in-house.

Departments are solely responsible for any out-of-warranty costs for Mac repair.


iPads are given extremely limited support and must also be approved and purchased by the Naropa IT department. Once you've recieved your iPad, you are required by Naropa University to create or associate an AppleID using your Naropa email address. Use of a personal AppleID or personal email address when associating the university's iPad to an AppleID is strictly forbidden. Failure to abide by this requirement may result in disciplinary action, up to and including a withholding of your final check to recover the use of the university's iPad.

Naropa personnel are solely responsible for the network connection and all app purchases on their respective iPads. Naropa IT will supply detailed instructions in how to connect your iPad to our wireless network and how to configure them to your Naropa email. All other support concerns and questions are to be brought to the nearest Apple Store (we recommend the one on the 29th Street Mall).

Naropa’s IT department will assign each iPad a name reflective of the individual’s department. We also ask that if personnel plan on securing their iPad with a 4 digit PIN, that said PIN be given to that individual’s supervisor within the first week of the iPad’s use.

We also require that the “Find my iPad” service be activated and remain active on the iPad at all times.  This service is used in the event that a University iPad is lost or stolen, as a means of recovery.  Disabling or removing this service is grounds for disciplinary action.

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