Smart Classroom Support Policy

While Naropa IT will make every effort to train faculty on technology equipped classrooms, we are frequently unavailable for on-call support. We will respond to all smart classroom issues as immediately as we can, based on upon regular department hours, between 9am and 5pm Monday through Friday.


Knowing that the tech-classrooms are frequently utilized outside of regular support hours, there is an extra projector with appropriate cables located in the adjunct faculty office at every campus.


As with all technical issues, the IT Department is not able to respond to any technical concerns without a work request. IT requests emailed directly to IT personnel may experience a delay in response, or go un-addressed.


A work request can be created by using the Submit New Ticket button above.  You may also email directly, which will create a new IT Case.  Alternatively, you may leave a message at the IT Helpdesk Line at: 303-245-4609 and a member of the IT team will contact you. Please note that phone submissions may go directly to voicemail (especially after support hours) and these concerns will be address at the next available opportunity.