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All Naropa classrooms are equipped with a mini-PC, projector, and keyboard that is equipped with a trackpad. This guide will cover how to turn the PC on, sign in, and some basic troubleshooting tips.

Locating the Power Button

The power button for the mini-PC is typically located on the front or top panel of the device. It is labeled with a power symbol. (circle with a line)

Powering On the Computer

  1. First, turn on the computer by pushing the power button. If there is a light shining from the power button, it's already on.
  2. Power on the projector with the white remote.
  3. Turn on the keyboard and trackpad by flipping the power switch on the top-right edge to green. Tap any key to wake the PC.

Logging In

  1. Log in to the computer using your Naropa username (e.g., "marty.mcfly"). You do not need to include ‘’ when signing into classroom PCs.
  2. If someone else is logged in, click "Switch User" in the bottom left corner. If the PC says that it is locked, just restart the machine and sign in when it reboots.


Using ZOOM

  1. Double-click the Zoom icon on the desktop. 
  2. Choose "Sign In" and select "SSO."
  3. Type "Naropa" for the company domain and press enter.
  4. Your browser will open. Sign in to your Naropa account with your email and password.
  5. Click "Yes" when prompted to switch apps back to Zoom.


When Zooming with only audio in a classroom, choose ‘Scarlett USB’ in the audio settings as the microphone.


Shutting the PC down

When finished, LOG OFF of the PC.  

  • Please DO NOT shut down the machine. We need the PC to remain on so that the IT team can remote into computers as needed to perform maintenance.
  • DO NOT LOCK the PC so that the next person can use it without issue. 
  • The PC will go to sleep on its own after you log off.
  • Use the remote to power off the projector.
  • Turn off the keyboard and trackpad by flipping the power switch on the top-right edge to red. Please be sure to leave the keyboard and projector remote next to the PC so that the next user can use it immediately.

Importance of Logging Off:

It's crucial to log off the PC instead of shutting it down to facilitate remote maintenance by our IT team. Logging off ensures that the PC remains accessible for necessary updates and troubleshooting without disrupting your workflow.


  • If there is no signal, check if the HDMI cable is plugged into the back of the PC. If it's unplugged, plug it back in. Also, check to see if the HDMI is plugged into the projector input on the wall.

 Text Box

This is what the HDMI Cord looks like.

NTW 50 ft. High Performance Gold Plated HDMI Cable NHDMI4-50/26CL2 - The  Home Depot

  • If that doesn't work, check all of the other plugs and cables to see if they're connected. Try reconnecting them.
  • If the PC is not functioning, restart it and try again. If it's frozen, hold down the power button for 5+ seconds until it turns off. Wait a moment and power it back on.

Etiquette and Maintenance:

  • Please remember to clean up after yourself when using classroom technology. Dispose of any trash properly and ensure the area is tidy for the next user.
  • Avoid consuming food or beverages near the equipment to prevent accidental spills or damage. This helps maintain the functionality and cleanliness of the technology for everyone's benefit.

User-Friendly Language:

We strive to use language that is clear and easily understandable for users of all technical expertise levels. If you encounter any terms or instructions that are unclear, please don't hesitate to ask for clarification or assistance. We're here to help you make the most of our classroom technology resources.

If you need help, ask a tech-savvy student for assistance.

If you require further assistance or need more training on classroom technology, submit a ticket to

Naropa IT Support 
Email: -- Phone: 303-245-4609 
When emailing IT include your cell phone and room location. 

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