MFA (Multifactor Authorization)

In order to help keep your account safe, Naropa uses MFA as a way to verify it is you logging in. This normally will occur every 30 days once you have made your initial log in. IT will be setting up MFA on your account automatically and you should be provided with a link.

Please follow this link:

for step by step instructions on getting your MFA set up. 


Titanium can be accessed on your desktop by clicking the titanium icon there. If you are having trouble accessing Titanium, please contact IT so we can assist you. 

In order to access Titanium remotely you must have the Naropa VPN installed. 

Please follow this link for Windows:

Please follow this link for Mac:

Remoting into Titanium

There are 3 computers we currently have to remote into. They are TitaniumA, TitaniumB, and TitaniumC

Please follow this link for how to remote in for Windows:

Please follow this link for how to remote in for Mac:

For the computer you will want to use . If that one is unavailable you will need to use either or

HIPAA compliant Zoom

Naropa provides a limited number of users to access our HIPPA compliant Zoom. If you have an existing zoom account with Naropa already this account will be removed in order to add you to the HIPPA compliant one.

You will receive a HIPPA Zoom invite once you have been added to the HIPAA compliant Zoom by IT. If you believe you need to have a HIPPA compliant Zoom, please reach out to IT or speak with your supervisor and ask them to to reach out to us. 

Once you receive your link please click on it and activate your account. Make sure not to select SSO and make sure you provide your own password.