Welcome to Naropa!

This article will help you understand our technology and your new Naropa Account.

Your primary Naropa account is a Microsoft account. We use Outlook as our email system.

Your email will look like this: firstname.lastname@naropa.edu (ex. abert.einstein@naropa.edu)

You can access your email from the Gateway by clicking Student Email.


The MyNaropa Gateway

The New MyNaropa Gateway is our temporary webpage for accessing both new and old systems. You can bookmark this page for convenience.

The New MyNaropa Gateway Link

This new MyNaropa Gateway page should be bookmarked or saved for future navigation. It includes:
  • The IT Help Articles on how to do most things
  • Email Inbox Link
  • Financial Aid Processing
  • Student Self-Service
  • Canvas
  • Training
  • Access to Classic MyNaropa

Student Self-Service

Student Self-Service is used for the following:

  • Registration
  • Student planning
  • Billing
  • Financial aid
  • Address & profile changes
  • Emergency contacts


Canvas is the eLearning portal that you use for taking classes, submitting assignments, etc. 

You can access canvas via the Gateway link above OR directly at:


You will log in to Canvas using your Full Naropa Email on a Microsoft login page that looks like this:


Your Zoom account is also authenticated through your Microsoft / Naropa Email.

You can always access directly by visiting the URL: https://naropa.zoom.us/ 

You can read our full How To Use Zoom Helpdesk Aritcle Here.

Microsoft Office Online - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc...

Use this link for Microsoft Office Online, OneDrive, and Teams.



Click here to learn how to connect to WiFi.


Other Naropa Services

There are additional services that use your same Naropa username but without the "@naropa.edu" part.

You can log in to the following using just your username. (Example: sam.smith)

MyNaropa Classic: https://my.naropa.edu

How to submit an IT Ticket

Before asking a question, please try searching our Knowledge Base page: https://helpdesk.naropa.edu/support/home

If you still require help, please submit a ticket from the top of this page OR email us directly at: helpdesk@naropa.edu

Thanks for reading!

- Naropa IT