Welcome to Naropa!

This article will help you understand our technology and your new Naropa Account.

Your primary Naropa account is a Microsoft Office Email account. This is used to authenticate everything else.

Your email will look like this: firstname.lastname@naropa.edu (ex. albert.einstein@naropa.edu)

You can access your email from MyNaropa by clicking Student Email on this site: https://naropa.sharepoint.com/sites/MyNaropa


Important: You will also need to set up MFA upon the first logging in. See instructions here.



The MyNaropa page should be bookmarked or saved for future navigation.
It includes:
  • The IT Help Articles on how to do most things
  • Email Inbox Link
  • Financial Aid Processing
  • Student Self-Service
  • Canvas
  • Training
  • Access to all department sites

Student Self-Service

Student Self-Service is used for the following:

  • Registration
  • Student planning
  • Billing
  • Financial aid
  • Address & profile changes
  • Emergency contacts


Canvas is the eLearning portal that you use for taking classes, submitting assignments, etc. 

You can access canvas via the Gateway link above OR directly at:


You will log in to Canvas using your Full Naropa Email on a Microsoft login page that looks like this:


Your Zoom account is also authenticated through your Microsoft / Naropa Email.

You can always access directly by visiting the URL: https://naropa.zoom.us/ 

You can read our full How To Use Zoom Helpdesk Aritcle Here.

Microsoft Office Online - Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc...

Use this link for Microsoft Office Online, OneDrive, and Teams.



Click here to learn how to connect to WiFi.

How to submit an IT Ticket

Before asking a question, please try searching our Knowledge Base page: https://helpdesk.naropa.edu/support/home

If you still require help, please submit a ticket from the top of this page OR email us directly at: helpdesk@naropa.edu

Thanks for reading!

- Naropa IT