MFA or also known as, Multi-Factor Authentication

MFA is an additional security measure when logging into your Naropa account. When logging in, you will need your email address (aka username), password, AND your cell phone to approve the sign-in request.

MFA Edit Link (for when you already have MFA set up):

  • Edit MFA
  • Edit recovery phone number 
  • Edit recovery email address (for automatic password resets)

This article includes:

  1. Video Setup Instructions
  2. Step By Step Setup Instructions
  3. How to use MFA / how it works when signing in


Note before beginning: This process is most easily done on a desktop/laptop computer, with your phone next to you.

Video Tutorial (1m 48s)

Notes about these video instructions:

  • This works AFTER MFA has been turned on for your account.

Step By Step Instructions

You can log in to your Naropa Email / Account at this link:

The next time you attempt to log in, the below screen might appear if MFA has been turned on for your account. This is the MFA prompt.

Click Next.


In the screen below, please choose from the drop-down menu: Mobile app

Then check the circle: Recieve notifications for verification

Click the blue Setup button.


Install Microsoft Authenticator App

The next screen will provide instructions to download the Microsoft Authenticator App.



The app icon should look like this as of May 2022:

  1. Open the app.
  2. Choose: Add account
  3. Choose: Work or school account

Scan the QR code on your screen.

If the app displays the six-digit code, click Next.

On the screen below, click Next


Your phone will get a test notification.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to enable/allow push notifications!

Click approve on your phone.


You're all set.

One last step.

Add your cell phone OR office phone number in this box.

Choose USA country.

Click Done.

You will be redirected to your email, the portal, or MyNaropa.

(See below for HOW MFA looks)

When Logging In - How To Use MFA During Account Sign In

When signing in, this screen will appear.

Recommended: You can check the box to verify yourself for the next 30 days, meaning you won't have to do this again on this specific computer and internet browser for 30 days.

THEN, go to your phone and look for the notification that says, Sign In Request, Approve or Deny.

If you deny a request, you can try logging in again within 5 min.

If you seem to be locked out of your account because you denied too many requests, then please reach out to the IT department:

If you did NOT try to sign in to your account, but you got a sign-in request, THEN DENY THE REQUEST! Your account may have been compromised. Change your password and reach out to the IT department.

We know that MFA is cumbersome and annoying at times. If you would like some help setting up or using MFA, please contact the IT Department and we will walk you through any questions.

Thank you!

Naropa IT