Please read this article thoroughly in order to expedite your password recovery.

TRY THIS #1: If your password is saved in your browser but you cannot see it

This happens when you rely on auto-fill to remember the password, but then you don't know it anymore. You can easily and quickly retrieve your password by clicking here and following these instructions.

TRY THIS #2: If you set up a recovery method

Please attempt an account recovery through our automated system.

  1. Visit this link:
  2. Click "Can't access your account?"
  3. Click "Work or School Account"
  4. For user ID enter the full Naropa email address you want access to.
  5. Click Next
  6. IF YOU HAVE a recovery method set up, then Microsoft will contact you with instructions.

TRY THIS #3: Request new PW from IT

If you still need help with your password

You will need to email the IT Helpdesk at and provide your date of birth and the last FOUR digits of your social security number.

IT uses this information to verify your identity when a password reset request comes from a non-Naropa email account. Unfortunately, we cannot reset a password without this information!

Here's a quick template you can copy and paste into the ticket:


Hello I need help resetting my Naropa Account password.

My name is: 

The email I need help with is: 

My birthday is: 

The last four digits of my SSN are: 

Thanks for the help!


Be mindful that these passwords will always match when you change them:

You will use this same password and login for:

1. MyNaropa

2. Your Email Address

3. WiFi Login on campus

4. Printing

5. Logging into Naropa Computers (i.e. at the library or your desk) 

6. Self-Service

7. Canvas

8. Library