If you forgot your password, but you have it saved in your browser, here's how you can view it. 


  1. From the top right Chrome menu button, select Settings.
  2. In Settings, select Passwords.
  3. In this menu you can see all your saved passwords.
    • To view a password, click on the eyeball image. You will need to enter your login password.
    • To remove a saved password, click on the 3-dot menu.


  1. Select the Firefox menu in the upper right corner
    Firefox hamburger menu
  2. Click Logins and Passwords.
  3. Search or scroll to find the login info you wish to see/change


  1. From the Safari app, go to the Safari menu and choose Preferences
  2. Choose the Passwords tab.
  3. Click the checkbox for Show passwords for selected websites – this requires the administrator password to be entered for the Mac.
  4. Choose the website from the list whose password you wish to reveal, then choose to Allow when permission is requested to reveal that logins password.