When On-Campus (and on network), you should be able to access any of Naropa's databases without issue. In general, it is best practice when accessing databases to use the links provided on Naropa's list of databases, as they should be proxy links that log you in using Naropa's credentials to the selected database.

List of Library Databases

Accessing Databases Off Campus


The Databases on Naropa's Website should be linked to a proxy that should allow you to access content. When you click on a link for a database from off-site, a page will come up with text boxes to enter login information. Faculty, staff, and students must use your MyNaropa username and password to log in to access a database. You will then be automatically routed through our proxy server to the database you clicked on. 

Remote Access - Allen Ginsberg Library

If the links do not work, you don't have access to content, or you are not routed to the proxy page to enter your login information, (in short, if you are not able to access a database,) please send a ticket to helpdesk@naropa.edu describing your issue, what you did, and/or any screenshots of your process.