When connecting to the Naropa Wireless network on a Chromebook make sure that the login screen matches the below settings

SSID: Naropa

Security: EAP

EAP Method: PEAP

EAP Phase 2 Authorization: MSCHAPv2

Server CA Certification: Do Not Check

Leave everything else blank

Identity: Your username (everything before the @naropa.edu)

Password: Your current Universal Password


Additional Help for Logging in as...

A Student

Username: firstname.lastname

Password: your universal / MyNaropa password

A Faculty/Staff member

Username: everything before the “@” in your Naropa email address OR your first.lastname 

    Ex: atrebond@naropa.edu would just use atrebond or alanna.trebond 

Password: your domain password (same as you use to log onto your Naropa computer or check email)