1. Call 303-546-3599

2. Press Star twice (*, *) to access the voicemail system.

3. Enter your Naropa's last 4 digit extension number.

4. Enter your Voicemail password when prompted, followed by the pound (#) key.

5. Follow the prompts to change mailbox options by pressing 7.

6. You will want to change your "Personal Greeting" by pressing the number on the dial pad.  Record your new greeting review and if satisfied save the change, callers will hear this greeting when a call is sent to voicemail. You will also want to check the recorded greeting for ALL availability states e.g. Available, In a Meeting, Out of Office, etc. Each one has it's own greeting that callers hear depending on your phones call handling mode.

7. You can also record your name for your extension, this can be heard by other users within Naropa who use the search directory by name option. To record this select "Record Your Name" by pressing the number 6 on the dial pad.