Mobile Print is where you send a document to the printer via email.

How to print to a Naropa printer/copier from your personal laptop or mobile device:

1.  Compose a new e-mail from your Naropa email account. The email must be sent from your Naropa account. Email from non-Naropa addresses will be rejected.
2.  Address the new email to - (Mailto Link)
3.  Attach the file/s you'd like to print.
4.  Send the completed e-mail
5.  You will receive an e-mail from uniflow that contains a job code.
6.  Take your job code to a Naropa copier


7.  Tap on the Job Code button

8.  Enter your job code which was emailed to you.

9.  Highlight your print job in the queue and tap “Print+Delete”

Your document(s) should be printed at the unit as requested.  Yay!