**In order to setup Softphone successfully you first must be connected to the Naropa VPN via CheckPoint VPN, once that is complete you can proceed with the following steps**

1. Open Mitel Connect on laptop

-If setting up for the first time, expand settings by clicking on "Show Advanced" and check off box "Use Windows Credentials" and type in the server name mitel.naropa.edu then click login.

2. At the default screen click on your name/extension which will bring up additional settings.

3. Select "Softphone" and in the drop down box select the default option for mic/sound for your laptop

Optional step, if calls are not coming through you may have to manually close Mitel Connect and re-open.

-To close Mitel go to taskbar and click on show hidden icons, right click Mitel icon and select "Exit"

Re-open Mitel connect and confirm Softphone option is enabled.