1. You must have a Naropa Extension assigned to you.
  2. You must have a Naropa computer, desktop or laptop.

**Please note you must be connected to the CheckPoint VPN first in order to access Mitel Connect remotely**

1. Open Mitel Connect 

-If setting up for the first time, expand settings by clicking on "Show advanced" and check off box "Use Windows Credentials" and type in the server name then click login.

2. At the default screen click on your name/extension which will bring up additional settings. 

-Ignore any error message about softphone not being setup/enbabled

3. Click on "External Assignment Number" fill in your cell phone number along withe the label for it.

    -"Automatically Connect" connects the calls without any prompt

    -"Press 1 to connect"prompts you with the number and has you press 1 to connect/answer

**In order to make a call from your cellphone as if you are calling from your desk phone you must type in the number in the Mitel Connect app then click dial. Your cell phone will then ring and depending on the option you set:

-Once you answer your cell phone it will automatically start rigning the number you wanted to dial

-Once you answer your cell phone it will prompt the number you want to call and you have to press 1 to make the call