1. Open Outlook. Go to File > Manage Add-ins at the bottom of the page

2. It may ask you to sign in with your Microsoft credentials. This will take you to the Office 365 portal on your browser, to a page where you can manage your add-ins. Click on "Find more add-ins for Outlook at the Office Store..."

3. This takes you to the Add-ins for Outlook page at the Microsoft Office Store. In the upper right corner - do a search for "smartsheets"

4. Click on the search result - 'Smartsheet for Outlook"

5. Click "Add." 

6. Click "Install" 

7. You should see that Smartsheets is now in your list of add-ins.

8. Back in Outlook - In the top right corner, you will see "The Smartsheet for Outlook Add-in." (If you don't see this, close and re-open Outlook).

9. Login with your email credentials. 

10. Sign in. 

11. Enter your password. 

12. Press "Accept."

13. You'll see this - go check your inbox for the email confirmation. 

14. Press "Confirm Email." 

15. Click "Continue."

16. Now you can use the app in Outlook or on Outlook365! Hooray! :)