If your meetings are not displaying on Zoom LTI when using Canvas, here is how to restore them.

Please read this full article before following the instructions as there are multiple options and one may suit your needs better than the other.

When you arrive on the LTI page, you will see a button with three dots in the top right corner

Click the button and it will give you a drop down menu with the option to import a meeting

The import meeting popup will ask for the meeting ID, which is found on your meeting page on zoom.naropa.us

Copy the meeting ID, paste it into the import meeting popup, and click "import"

Your meeting should appear on the LTI page.  Please note that this much be done individually for each meeting/class. You can schedule meetings directly in the LTI and you will not need to import them. The end result should look like this:

Alternatively, you can find your meetings under "All my Zoom Meetings/Recordings" 

However, this will not cause them to appear on the main page of the LTI. This is just an alternate way to access your meetings.

If you have questions or need help with this process, please contact IT for extra assistance.