Checkpoint Harmony - the New Email Filter

Modified on Tue, 14 Feb 2023 at 03:47 PM

Welcome to Checkpoint Harmony the Email Filter Quick Review

This document will give you a quick low-down on what to expect with Checkpoint Harmony.

Sophos the product we are transitioning away from; So this yellow or green bar on all emails will be going away.

Here is what you will see new with Harmony.

You will get a notification from any email address that is new to you. Why? So you can be alert when you respond. Unless you were expecting it, it should be treated with suspicion. Learn why this is important

Any Obvious Phishing email will be removed and quarantined. If you suspect that you are missing an email you may be right. Send us a quick email and we will check for you. Just send email to

For any Suspected Phishing email, you will receive an alert on the email itself.


Any Suspicious Spam Email will be delivered to you Junk folder.

You will be notified if you recieved a suspected Malware Attachment.

Harmony will open any password protected attachments to check them out before delivering them but you will have to enter the password for it.


How To Mark Email as Not Junk Or as Junk or Phishing

In Outlook 

Right Click -> Junk -> Mark as Not Junk


to Mark as Junk

Select Block Sender or Drag email to Junk

In Web Browser - Outlook

To Report as Not Junk

Right Click -> Report -> Not Junk

To Report as Junk

Right Click - Report Junk / Report Phishing

This section is optional for students. Please contact us if you wish to subscribe to daily Quarantined & Spam Notifications.

Email with the Subject Line: Quarantined & Spam Notifications

Please note that the email will say CHECKPOINT on the top left.

Technical Summary on Harmony

Inline API-based protection for inbound, outbound and internal email communication API-based integration allows Harmony Email & Collaboration to scan outbound and internal communication in real-time to prevent lateral and insider attacks within the organization and data leakage. In addition, no changes to MX records are required, making it invisible to attackers. By deploying as the last line of defense, Harmony Email & Collaboration trains Artificial Intelligence on the sophisticated and evasive attacks that others miss, leading to a 99.2% reduction in phishing emails reaching the inbox.

Anti-Phishing: Blocks the most sophisticated phishing attacks such as impersonation and Business Email Compromise (BEC) before they reach the inbox 

Malware Protection: Thwarts evasive malware and ransomware and provide sanitized files within seconds


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