By connecting to any Naropa network, you agree to these terms. Click here to view the Terms of Service.

How to connect to WiFi - Windows 10 PC

  1. In the bottom right hand corner of your screen you should see what looks like a world with the universal symbol for no on it. Click on it
    1. If you move you mouse and rest over it you should see a small text pop up that says something along the lines of “Not Connected-Connections are Available”
  2. After Clicking on it you should see a list of Networks. You will want to click the one that says Naropa
  3. You should be prompted to enter in your Naropa Username and Password. Please follow the format below for entering in your Credentials
    1. Username if you are a student or recently hired staff/faculty member: first.lastname
    2. Username if you are a not recently hired staff/faculty member:firstInitialLastname
      1. !!!IMPORTANT!!!! DO NOT include the in your username when connecting to our wifi. It will not work, and there is a chance you could get locked out of your account and no one wants that 
      2. Ex usernames: sabriel.abhorsen or sabhorsen
    3. Password: Whatever your Naropa password is. This will be the exact same password you use to login to your email/
  4. Wait a moment for it to connect. It can take up to roughly 30seconds on occasion
  5. Congrats! You should be connected!

If for whatever reason you are not able to connect, be sure to check and make sure you entered in your username and password correctly. Often times if you did not, you will get a authentication error and will need to go back and try again. Check to make sure your caps lock isn’t on.


Also! Sometimes you may get a status of connected, no internet. The current work around for this is to just disconnect, wait about 10 seconds, then reconnect. That should get you connected. Fix for this hopefully coming in the near future.


If you are still unable to connect, please feel free to reach out to us by submitting a ticket or emailing us as . Please include the following when submitting a ticket/emailing us.

  1. Your username
  2. What type of Laptop you are trying to connect with (Dell, Sony, HP, etc)
  3. Where you were located when you tried to connect aka, what campus were you on. Bonus points if you include the building you were in
  4. The error message you got when you tried to connect (If your able to see one)
  5. Any additional screenshots/information you can provide.
    1. You are welcome to just say in the ticket/email. Cant connect to wifi, however! the more information we have the quicker we can figure out what’s going on for you and hopefully get you connected.